Monday, 28 February 2011

Double Tiger day

It would be nice to take todays title literally and persuade our leaders to double the number of Tigers in the wild over the next 10 years. Instead it refers to this Wood Tiger day falling in a Tiger month. As last year was also a Tiger year this marks 13 months of Tiger influence. Let us hope that their popularity in Chinese astrology, is mirrored in society and their numbers increase accordingly so as to avert their extinction.

If you have a Wood Tiger in your horoscope you should be strong, healthy and extremely independent, fiery, adventurous and impulsive, your highly intuitive, if not “canny” talent for investments can lead to great prosperity. Being naturally creative with an artistic flair you can enjoy an elegant and honourable life. Famous Wood Tigers are latest Oscar winner Christian Bale also Victoria Beckham, Penélope Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alanis Morissette, Kate Moss, Joaquin Phoenix, Irina Spîrlea, Hilary Swank and Robbie Williams. Those under a monthly influence are Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna.

With any other Tiger in you chart your focus will be on its corresponding life area. Have a free horoscope and see what animal signs you have. Then look at which pillar corresponds to that part of your life and see how you are affected.

The Tiger group has Horse and Dog and all of these are well supported today. Tiger is at the centre of attention, Horse is likely to feel extremely vibrant and may be the recipient of good advice and the Dogs are recognised for their hard work. Those signs affected by change include the Monkey who may have problems with money or romance if male. Rat may feel spent or extremely drained and the Dragon may have also relationship issues, especially if female. Otherwise Dragon is extremely pressurised.

Rabbit signs may need to rethink their plans, but as it is their year it will only be a minor setback, if at all. Snake signs can do well and feel buoyant all day, Sheep and Ox males feel powerful and their females can be lucky in love. Whilst; the Rooster although clashed all year can have some much needed money luck today. Pig and Rat are highly creative or else have pleasant travels or relaxation.

The Chinese almanac follows the pairing theme and recommends visiting friends, trading, hunting – especially for a bargain as suitable activities.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Miss Piggy day

Probably the biggest test of poetic licence comes by explaining how todays Metal Pig sign title evolved. Pig is self-explanatory, so we just need to state that the Yin Metal or Xin is found in the western part of the Chinese compass which direction represents the youngest daughter, hence Miss!

Beginning in such an educational way should tell you that today is an auspicious day. It combines with the monthly Tiger sign and is good for most things including meditating, asking for blessings, going out and visiting friends, emigrating, putting up roof beams, and refurbishing your home for improved quality of life.

A Pig day brings prosperous opportunities to the earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. Wood signs of Rabbit and Tiger will feel energised and can get good advice. Whilst fire signs of Snake and Horse should feel empowered and may gain recognition. However, should they feel pressurised releif is found from contemplation, or wearing wood colours of green or light blue.

Conversely, metal signs of Monkey and Rooster should have quite a relaxing and creative day.

Until Monday – enjoy now!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cool Dog day?

We can apply temperatures and seasonal traits to the five elements and when done so Metal qi becomes cool; hence renaming todays Metal Dog accordingly. If this pillar is in your Chinese horoscope you have in built power, drive and great determination. In common with all dogs you enjoy friendship and thrive in competitive situations, you also have an empathy with the opposite sex. Blessed with great support and a constant beneficiary of mostly good advice you should enjoy a gracious and beneficial quality of life. Excitement can often be found by trying new things and you seem to get a buzz from taking risks. Metal Dog influences can be found in the following celebrities; Mariah Carey Vince Vaughn, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman , Tina Fey, Naomi Campbell, Joseph Fiennes, Jennifer López, M. Night Shyamalan, Claudia Schiffer, Macy Gray, Matt Damon and Jay-Z.

Cool dog but no oomph!

Dog is part of the same group as this month’s Tiger sign, specifically they are the beginning and end of the fire group that represents action, but as the Horse is missing there is no connection between the two. This can be expressed as no spark or oomph! Consequently, the Chinese almanac suggests that the only suitable activities today are meditation or quiet reflection, which can be a good way to start learning by taking a course. It is not a good day to buy clothes or mend nets. So, 86 the curtains and fishing kit, just for today!

Dragons clash today and this may cause shoulder or chest problems, although owing to a combination between the monthly and annual signs of Tiger and Rabbit respectively, this is not only unlikely but can be migratory and Dog may suffer instead. It should be a quiet and relaxing day for Sheep and Ox signs though.

Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster should feel vibrant being full of energy and can receive some good advice, whilst Pig and Rat signs can feel powerful and ambitious, their women are also lucky in love. Whilst male Tiger and Rabbit signs can similarly enjoy romance and they all are lucky with money. Snake and Horse signs can be qite creative or expressive or enjoy travel or creativity.

Until, tomorrow enjoy today

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Which came first the Chocolate chicken or the egg?

As sweet is the taste associated with the earth element I have entitled this Earth Rooster day as a Chocolate chicken? If we added colour; you could have dark for earth and white chocolate for the Roosters metal element. I thought we could start today’s blog with a touch of what will probably be much needed humour on this “year break” day.

Yesterday, clashed with the month and today the Rooster clashes with the Annual Rabbit sign bringing huge unexpected change and even health problems that may affect extremities such as finger and toes or hips. Rooster signs can benefit from fire or the water element and wearing black and dark blue can help balance this conflict. If problems persist and your finances or nest - EGG are also affected you might consider having a feng shui consultation which can usually help enormously.

If this Earth Rooster is in your horoscope it indicates being of service and a creative flair with a sense of honour. Roosters are generally stylish, visionary, versatile, clever, selfish, poor concentration and sometimes ostentatious. Famous celebrities with this influence include Marilyn Manson, Jennifer Aniston, Renée Zellweger, Cate Blanchett , Steffi Graf, Edward Norton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gerard Butler and Matthew McConaughey.

Tiger, Pig and Rat have power and can be quite ambitious. Their females may also have romance luck. Snake and Horse signs can be lucky with investments and should get a good return for their efforts. Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox continue to be creative, whilst Monkey prosper and see their plans develop.

Chinese almanac lists suitable activities as tidying up and sweeping house.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Yellow Monkey day

Yellow is the colour most associated with the earth element and seems appropriate for this Earth Monkey day. I am told by colour therapist both students and friends; that yellow is also the colour of hope and that also seems fitting as today is the “month break”. This means it clashes with the Tiger sign of February.

On these clash days it is best to postpone major decisions until tomorrow. Although, some astrologers prefer the opposite as situations change when it is over and is therefore more predictable. Consequently, you can fix things that are broken, most usefully this includes health, so it is a good day for treatment or to see a doctor. Refurbishment, rebuilding and redecorating are also suitable activities and all our confirmed in the Chinese almanac alongside quite reflection or meditation.

An Earth Monkey pillar in your horoscope can mean a very expressive person, and that you are lovable, sympathetic, clever, resourceful, curious, susceptible, impulsive and scatter-brained. If this is your day pillar it can mean that you are extremely amiable, honourable with a good quality of life, creative and well equipped to be a shrewd and pioneering investor, where money should flow quite easily to you. This pioneering quality can also be applied to other aspects of life and in business you can manage well and are not afraid or taking risks. Celebrities with this pillar are those born in 1968 and include Daniel Craig, LL Cool J, Aaron Eckhart, Céline Dion, Rhys Ifans, Lucy Lawless, Kylie Minogue, Guy Ritchie, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson, and those born in August in a year ending with 2 or 7 include Ben Affleck, LeAnn Rimes, Andy Roddick and Cameron Diaz.

This month break has affected those with a Monkey in their horoscope since February 4th and brought about doubt, fear and changes. As the earth element found in both the day and month supports the Monkey’s metal element they should feel netter today. Roosters also see change but this is more in terms of setbacks than doubts and fears.

Tiger and Rabbits have financial opportunities as well as romance and Snake and Hose signs can benefit from investments or by putting new ideas into action. Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox may have travel opportunities or be quite creative, whilst Rat and Pig have power and can receive good advice.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today