Friday, 27 May 2011

Sea horse alchemy - best shared with friends

Today’s Water Horse fuses the elements of fire and water together; the symbol of alchemy, a mythical process of turning lead into gold. In actuality this was an allegory, as it referred to the refinement of oneself through knowledge and spiritual practice leading to prolonged life without disease or stress. This advanced philosophy was outlawed by the church, so like-minded proponents met in each other’s homes as friends to avoid persecution. What of sea? That’s just an eccentric way of saying Water Horse!

On a lighter note, today is another excellent day and probably the most auspicious of the week. The Chinese almanac recommends meditating, asking for blessings, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, sweeping the house, visiting a doctor, signing contracts, opening a business and trading, refurbishing your home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof and setting up a bed or tombstone.

If you have a Water Horse in your horoscope or you would like to find out how your Chinese animal fares today, please see our Water Horse web page. We will return on Tuesday as we have another UK bank holiday weekend. Until then have a great weekend enjoying every minute.

Finn & Slim Shui

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Coupling Snakes seek heir for greatness

A Metal Snake day in a Water Snake month is very auspicious, so much so, that according to an ancient Chinese book it is a perfect day to conceive an heir. This is said to provide you with a loyal child who will achieve greatness. Coincidentally, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was born on a Snake day in a Snake month and achieved a record three terms in office. Find out what your Chinese astrology chart is with our Free Chinese horoscope

If Metal Snake is in your day horoscope, your body sometimes “writes cheques that your mind doesn’t want to cash”. This can create a great deal of confusion but can be balanced with the earth element. However, you do tend to thrive under pressure as your emotions spur you onwards and you can find good support from intimate friends. An analytical mind and an eye for detail help to build your reputation. Famous celebrities include Bono, Mel B, Naomi Campbell, Chow Yun Fat, Steven Gerrard, Enrique Iglesias, Olga Korbut, Bill Paxton, John C Reilly, Gabriela Sabatini, Brooke Shields and Stevie Wonder.

The Chinese almanac suggests meditation, asking for blessings, seeking an heir, visiting friends, getting engaged, having a professional astrology reading, getting married, travelling, buying or making clothes, emigrating, exchanging gifts, having a treatment or choosing a doctor, putting a new roof on a home, fixing walls and filling cracks, mending nets or going hunting as the most suitable activates today.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today

Finn & Slim Shui

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dragon bell rings blessings at birth of metal

If you have been reading our blogs, you'll know that todays Chinese astrology signs are hidden in the title. Starting with Dragon and ending with Metal, it must be a Metal Dragon day, but is it nonsense in between or is it like nature, where nothing is wasted? Let's see.

The five elements of Chinese astrology are embedded in Chinese culture and philosophy because they signify the rise and fall of natural energies throughout a solar cycle or year. The elements follow 12 stages, including birth, maturity, death and storage and match the calendar months perfectly. Consequently, May marks stage 1 or the birth of the metal element.

If metal affects your horoscope, you will start to see changes in a certain aspect of your life from now until next February. Chinese astrology is very complex, with almost 13 million different horoscopes, so it's very difficult to state how this will affect you personally, but first check whether you have any metal in your horoscope with a free horoscope and our web site will help you understand your chart and some of its effects with more free information. Alternatively, order a personal horoscope report or a telephone reading and we'll tell you.

Whenever Metal has any of the earth signs of Sheep, Dog, Ox or Dragon, it becomes stronger and more resourceful. In feng shui terms, the strongest metal form is actually sound; the sonic waves clear away decaying energy and is why bells are used in space clearing. If Metal Dragon is your day horoscope, sound would figure strongly in your life either through voice, words, music or comedy. Famous examples include Andre Agassi, Ellen Barkin, Ritchie Blackmore, Zach Braff, David Cassidy, Jon Cryer, Peter Frampton, Brad Garrett, Martin Lawrence, Jason Lee, Jay Leno, Dev Patel, Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman and Emma Watson.

The Chinese almanac book of nature recommends meditating, asking for blessings, travelling, buying or making clothes, signing contracts, entering a new home, trading, refurbishing your home or office, moving earth or setting up a bed or tombstone.
Until tomorrow - enjoy now
Finn & Slim Shui

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chocolate Bunny returns

Chocolate as a sweet taste can refer to the earth element and bunny as you know, is another name for Rabbit, hence our title on this Earth Rabbit day. If you have this arrangement as your day pillar, in your Four Pillars of Destiny then you will probably have a sweet tooth, especially if you have further earth elements in your horoscope.

This Earth Rabbit signifies immense power which can be quite overwhelming and the fire element is needed to reduce pressure, otherwise your body rules your mind and that can get you into trouble. The best fire can be accessed by putting your thoughts and ideas into action. On the plus side, It is a good sign for actors, musicians and sports people and some examples include Mariah Carey, Adam Clayton, Keira Knightley, Queen Latifah, Piers Morgan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ronaldinho, Vince Vaughn, Rachel Weisz and + Fergie.

Astrologically, today is good for Pig who along with Rat signs is both expressive and creative; they may also receive opportunities to travel. As you may expect Rabbits are at the centre of attention and may be nervous as a result. Whilst Tiger signs can see their plans develop.

Our Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should feel powerful, and if pressurised should wear fire colours. Females of these signs can be lucky in love. Males would have to have the metal element of Monkey or Rooster to have similar luck. Although the latter is clashed and may suffer confusion or conflict, they also need to be careful of damaging extremities such as fingers, toes and even hips. They can benefit by fire and earth elements.

Fire and Horse signs may feel energetic and they are in a good position to receive helpful advice. Not sure which sign you are? Have a free Chinese astrology horoscope here.

The Chinese almanac recommends taking a course, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting married, open a business, putting new roof on a home, and buying or setting direction for your bed as suitable activities.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today

Monday, 23 May 2011

Fat cats get heart and go fishing?

Now that’s a title to conjure with, especially as today is an Earth Tiger day. How?....What? Why…? The elephant in the title must be that the Tiger is a cat. So why fat? The Earth element represents people that have square or rectangular features and who tend to have a sweet tooth and possible weight issues depending on the rest of their horoscope construction.

Heart” is the very narrow lunar mansion for today and refers to a Dragons heart; the symbol of the Emperor in ancient times. It is not auspicious as it signifies conflict with authority, revolution, retribution, and punishment, or else being reckless and overbearing.

The Chinese almanac confirms this trend and suggests preparation for better times ahead, this can be in terms of room refurbishment or by quiet contemplation and metaphorically fixing nets to go fishing! Perhaps this is what someone should have done when they reported an escaped Tiger in Hampshire, UK over the weekend. Armed police and a helicopter were called in; who evacuated the area and closed a golf course only to discover it was a life-size child’s toy.

Finn & Slim Shui

Friday, 20 May 2011

Saving the bacon at month break

Todays Wood Pig clashes with this month’s Snake sign and this month break can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety for the Pig. Luckily, the wood element balances this confrontation and is already present as the Heavenly Stem, meaning that all should end well. However, if you were born under the pig sign and you seem to be suffering adversely, wearing green or light blue colours, eating sour tastes, being kind instead of angry and planning your day will improve your outlook and “save your bacon*.

If Wood Pig is in your day pillar horoscope, you have great depth of character and exude an air of confidence. You are devoted to others and enjoy great self-expression and creativity. Being both sensitive and sensuous, you can attract a network of friends and helpers. These add to your resources and help you enjoy the comforts of life in which you can become quite prosperous. Famous Wood Pigs include Bryan Adams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Calista Flockhart, Robin Givens, Alexander Godunov, Bruce Hornsby, Scarlett Johansson, Dolph Lundgren, Nelly, Bonnie Raitt, Condoleezza Rice and Garry Shandling,

Being a month break the Chinese almanac suggests breaking things down and refurbishing as the only suitable activity today.

The weekend is much better and we will return on Monday until then – enjoy now.
Finn & Slim Shui

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Top Dog

This Wood Dog day affords a glimpse into Chinese culture and philosophy. Todays Wood being the first of the ten heavenly stems, denotes “first class” or “best grade”; hence top in today’s title.

If Wood Dog is in your horoscope - and you can find out here Free Chinese horoscope - you have a lot of wealth opportunities in your life. These arise from an unorthodox way of doing things, which in your case can produce spectacular results. This also provides a good reputation that makes you more confident and powerful. However, your mind controls your body, so you probably have a punishing schedule creating exhaustion. The water element will help you balance and relieve any pressure; swimming or being beside water, drinking it, communicating, travelling, wearing black or dark blue colours or sleeping with your head in the north can help greatly. Famous Top Dogs include Scott Bakula, Simon Cowell, Sarah Ferguson, Mya, Benjamin Netanyahu, Marie Osmond, Katy Perry, Joaquin Phoenix, Freida Pinto, Esperanza Spalding, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Sigourney Weaver, Weird Al Yankovic and Maya Ying Lin.

As you would expect, today is good for Dog people who have much well-earned recognition and respect that can make them leader of the pack. Tiger signs enjoy wealth opportunities, whilst Horse people have a day of travel or creativity. Rabbit partners are also lucky with money and males can be romantic. Female water signs of Pig and Rat also enjoy intimacy and closeness with their partners, as can earth signs of Sheep and Ox. Dragons may experience change and need to be careful of over extending the shoulder or chest. Monkeys and Rooster signs can be very lucky with money or love this morning, putting them in a good mood for the rest of the day. Perhaps the best positioned sign today is the Snake, who can get great support or advice if needed. If they heed the advice or perhaps try something new, they can obtain outstanding results today.

The Chinese almanac lists this as the best day of this working week and suggests meditating, getting married, having a haircut, ordering a professional astrology reading, consulting a doctor or receiving treatment, as well as buying a bed and setting it's correct direction.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!
Finn and Slim Shui

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Black chicken – a superfood that stops ageing at year break?

In researching alternatives titles for a Water Rooster day, I came across Black Chicken. If you've been following these blogs, you'll know why, but if you're new to them, black is the colour associated with the water element and a male chicken is of course, a Rooster.

Turns out, a black chicken is a “Silkie” and contains high levels of carnosine; a natural anti-oxidant that improves muscle strength and is said to alleviate the effects of ageing, autism and diabetes. It is also supposed to taste twice as nice as regular chicken and has been cultivated by the Chinese for over 1,000 years. Sadly, in the west it seems only available in supplement form, unless of course you know a farmer who keeps them.

That unfortunately is the only good news; todays Rooster clashes with the annual Rabbit sign and is known as the “Year Break”. Any major decisions affecting the year ahead should be made tomorrow and the Chinese almanac suggests just tidying up affairs or sweeping your home as the only suitable activities.

However, a Water Rooster is a less problematic clash because the water balances the two signs. In this case, Rooster signs will be the centre of attention and can be relatively carefree. It is also good for the associated signs of Snake and Ox, who share creativity. Snake signs also have wealth or wife potential, whilst the OX may have good investment opportunities. Rabbit signs may be under stress today, but share power opportunities with Tigers. The earth signs of Dragon, Goat and Dog should be relaxed and conversely, Pig and Rat signs will have lots of energy.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today
Finn & Slim Shui

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Moon Monkey hears no evil

Elaborate title I know, but today is a full moon; blood rises and increases brain activity, so that should make the title easier to decipher. Let’s begin with the only zodiac sign mentioned - the Monkey day. But which of the five types is it? Both the Moon and the Ear are associated with the water element. The wise monkey could “hear no evil”, so it must be a Water Monkey day. Incidentally, wisdom is also associated with the water element.

If Water Monkey is in your chart, especially as the day (find your chart with our Free Chinese horoscope) you can be extremely prosperous in middle age. If you are born in August, November or December, you will have abundance throughout your life. This would produce a very affluent lifestyle as you like comforts and being pampered. There is a tendency for people to tell you what you want to hear but if you always follow your instincts, should not create any problems. Famous Water Monkeys include Rosanna Arquette, Jack Black, James Cameron, Elvis Costello, Melinda Gates, Joe Jonas, Lil' Romeo, Edward Norton, Matthew Perry, Erik Schrody, Christian Slater, Adam Yauch.

The Chinese Almanac, the major book of nature and natural events, recommends pampering yourself or fixing your path and walls as suitable activities today. It advises against opening a water course or realigning your bed.

Monkeys will probably be the most spoiled or pampered today and they will find it easy to relax and do nothing. Roosters will have to wait until tomorrow to develop their plans. Male Tiger signs may suffer from pressure this afternoon, whilst female Tigers may have issues with their partners. Earth males of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox are lucky in love today; Earth females should be lucky with money. Horse and Snake signs are lucky in both love and money, whilst Pig and Rat signs are full of energy and can find good advice should they need it today.

As I now have an editor to help me produce our blogs, we are signing off as
Finn & Slim Shui – until tomorrow – enjoy now.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Non following sheep knows its own mind

Today’s Metal Sheep is a self-supporting pillar; the animal’s element supports the heavenly stem, in this case Earth generating Metal. In Chinese astrology, the zodiac animal represents the body, whilst the stem represents the mind. Therefore this combination indicates a strong, healthy and vibrant mind with great clarity and high ideals. It is the mind of a leader not of a follower. Famous Metal Sheep people include Sandra Bullock, Sam Cooke, James Dean, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Love, Daniel Radcliffe, Richie Sambora, William Shatner, Kevin Spacey, Hilary Swank and Suzanne Vega.

Sheep and Pig signs prosper in a Rabbit year and can easily increase power and recognition from their endeavours. This is good news for the Pig as it is clashed until June 6th. The earth sign of Dragon may have success, whilst Ox and Dog signs may have to rethink their plans. Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster are full of energy and the Rat may appear larger than life. Tiger males are romantic and may enjoy new financial opportunities. However, the fire signs of Snake and Horse seem to have the best of both worlds as they are well supported and highly creative.

The Chinese almanac suggests that today is only good for refurbishing or modifying your home or office. Although, there is a significant full moon tomorrow, the only lucky day this week is Thursday but we'll return tomorrow and guide you through it.
Until then – enjoy now!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hot cross bunnies affect 1 in 10!

It isn’t a belated Easter treat but a Fire (hot) Rabbit (bunny) day, but why crossed? The Yin Fire of today clashes with the Yin Water of this month and can affect 1 in 10 people. To see if you are affected, get a Free Chinese horoscope and see if Yin Fire is found in your day pillar. If so, you may feel cross from considerable pressure and frustration today. However, this can be easily cured through the wood element, found by wearing green or light blue colours, being kind to others, strategic planning, eating sour tastes or astringent vegetables such as celery. Of course, you could also sleep in a specific direction or occupy a particular area of your home or office that is rich in this kind of energy, but as its only there for one day, why worry?

In basic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, water is said to clash with fire, but the opposite yin/ yang polarity can actually empower and gain benefit from it. For example, yesterday was a Yang Fire day in a Yin Water month, making it a powerful day for all.

If the whole pillar of Fire Rabbit is in your day horoscope, you have very smooth flowing qi with great self-expression. You are also incredibly resourceful and have paws in many pies. So much so that finishing projects may be a problem as you hate the mundane. Famous Fire Rabbits include Amerigo Vespucci, Tom Arnold, Javier Bardem, Juliette Binoche, Irene Cara, Hilary Duff, Prince Edward, Zac Efron, Ron Howard, Norah Jones, Rob Lowe, Elle Macpherson, Eva Mendes, Matthew Modine and Maria Sharapova.

The Chinese almanac states that it is good to meditate, ask for blessings, taking a course, travel, get engaged, emigrate, refurbish your home or office, move earth, set up your main door or oven and plant seeds.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today